September 2009: Automation and performance logging

Workshop artifacts and notes:

  • Experience Report notes on logging in Watin by Brad Tollefson
  • Slides for 'Using System Execution Traces to Validate Distributed System Quality-of-Service: An Introduction to Logging in CUTS' by James H. Hill
  • Code for custom performance/automation logging in VSTS by Jason Horn
  • Trip Report by Mike Kelly


  • Sameer Adibhatla
  • Randy Fisher
  • Mike Goempel
  • James Hill
  • Jason Horn
  • Gabriel Issah
  • Michael Kelly
  • Natalie Mego
  • Chris Wingate
  • Brad Tollefson
  • Tam Thai
  • Kumar Ramalingam
  • Debby Polley
  • Charles Penn
  • Cathy Nguyen
  • Chad Molenda